Create a hygienic and coordinated washroom experience with the Aquarius™ dispensers range, designed to work in perfect harmony with the trusted and familiar Kleenex® and Scott® brands.

These washroom dispensers are designed to support hygiene standards and deliver a consistent washroom solution suited to your workplace hygiene needs.

Our Aquarius™ rolled hand towel dispenser pairs innovation and style with exceptional performance. The easy to refill, compact dispenser is designed for washrooms where space is limited.

This roll paper towel dispenser, with never-run-out ‘stub roll’ feature for a continuous rolled towel supply, is ideal for busy washrooms where consistency is key.

The sleek and smooth rounded design of this towel roll dispenser has no dirt traps, allowing an easy one-wipe-clean for improved washroom hygiene.

This slim paper towel dispenser offers advanced protection against cross-contamination and is the most hygienic dispenser versus the competition.

The paper towel roll dispenser delivers controlled single sheet dispensing so users only touch the product they use, reducing contamination.

Single sheet dispensing also minimises waste, helping to cut unnecessary costs.

Our touch free dispensers reduce the risk of cross contamination.

This commercial paper towel dispenser measures 2.4cm (H) x 29.7cm (W) x 19.2cm (D).

The Kimberly-Clark dispenser is compatible with a variety of Scott® and Kleenex® rolled hand towels from Kimberly-Clark: 6781, 6621, 6695 and 6696.