3M™ SCOTCH® Weld? Threadlocker TL77

R175.00 ex VAT each

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  • 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Threadlocker TL77 provides vibration, corrosion and shock resistance for fasteners in assembled form. Our red, high removal torque anaerobic adhesive is dispensed as a one-component, medium viscosity product. This long open time anaerobic adhesive cures quickly in the absence of air when parts are assembled.Prevents nuts and bolts from loosening with vibration
  • Fills and seals threads completely to help stop corrosion, rust and leaks
  • Eliminates the need for lock washers and other locking components
  • Engineered for use on larger bolt sizes and coarse threaded parts
  • Red, high removal torque
  • Long open time anaerobic adhesives that cure quickly
  • Helps keep production equipment up and running