3M Peltor Earmuffs (H10 Series)

R475.00 ex VAT per pair

The H10 Series is a high performance hearing protector and has been developed for use in extremely noisy environments. The protection is based on a technology with a double casing minimising resonance in the casing giving optimum high-frequency attenuation.

  • Represents the ultimate in earmuff technology by combining extreme noise protection with exceptional wearer comfort
  • Available in headband, neckband & helmet attachment formats
  • A high visibility option is available for dangerous work environments
  • Liquid & foam filled cushions provide a quality noise seal with low pressure for all day wearer comfort
  • Stainless steel headband wires with four point suspension helps distribute cushion pressure evenly & ear cups pivot for consistent fit
  • SLC80 33dB (Class 5)

Technical Data Sheet – Click Here

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