3M™ Double Coated Tissue Tape 9738

R395.00 ex VAT per roll

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  • 3M™ Double Coated Tape 9738 is a double-sided tape mounted on a non-woven tissue carrier with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that offers a balance of high initial adhesion and good holding power. It is mounted on a 55 lb. densified kraft paper liner for easy release and manipulation during applications
  • Ideal performance in high speed splicing applications
  • High tack acrylic adhesive performs well across broad temperature range
  • Excellent peel, tack and shear strength to withstand rigorous splicing applications
  • Versatile adhesion bonds well to kraft and coated papers, as well plastic
  • Good moisture resistance to ensure performance in a variety of situations
  • Red options available for visible splicing applications