3M™ 101E Masking Tapes

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  • Crepe paper backing provides easy tearing
  • Provides conformability on irregular surfaces and around corners
  • Hand tearable and sliver resistance with one piece removal for easy use
  • Ideal for marking, temporary holding, wrapping and sealing

The 3M™ Value Masking Tape 101+ is a cost-effective, crepe paper tape that holds, bundles, seals, and performs other non-critical taping jobs where a pressure sensitive tape is needed. This tape offers controlled unwind to prevent shredding or splintering and tears easily from the roll by hand.

The 3M™ Value Masking Tape 101+ remains in place around corners and over contoured surfaces. This rubber adhesive sticks instantly to paper, metal, wood, plastic, glass, and other clean surfaces – resisting lifting or curling. Designed to perform best indoors, this tape comes off the roll smoothly for easy control. And after the job is done, the strong paper backing resists unwanted tearing and slivering when removing, minimizing potential frustration.

Suggested Applications

  • Light bundling
  • Temporary labeling
  • Overwrapping
  • Hanging temporary signage
  • Non-critical masking applications where a pressure sensitive tape is needed