Scott® Max Hand Towel Blue (6)

R931.00 ex VAT per pack

Scott® Essential™ rolled hand towels are designed to support hygiene standards without compromising on efficiency. These rolled paper towels are the longest and most efficient hand towels vs. competitor systems; offering 25% more hand towels for fewer refills for reliable everyday hand drying

Feature 1
Each paper towel roll contains 350 metres of 1 ply rolled hand towels, equivalent to 1,400 sheets of paper hand towel

Feature 2
These paper towels are the most efficient hand towels for reliable everyday hand drying to promote workplace hygiene

Feature 3
These hand towel rolls utilise Airflex™ Technology for faster absorbency and more hygienic drying

Feature 4
The roll towels are European Ecolabel certified for environmental assurance and food contact certified

Feature 5
Compatible with the one-wipe-clean Aquarius™ rolled paper hand towel dispenser in white (code 7375)

Feature 6
Scott® Essential™ rolled hand towels are 25% longer than the competitor roll towel equivalent

Priced per case of 6 rolls
Roll Size: 198mm x 350m