3M™ PTFE Film Tape 5491

R12355.00 ex VAT per roll

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  • 3M™ PTFE Film Tape 5491 features an extruded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film backing which has an extremely low coefficient of friction. Combined with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive it creates a smooth, non-stick surface over a variety of substrates to assist in the movement of materials in many types of roller applications.Extruded, calendared film tape resists curling during unwind for easy application
  • Non-stick PTFE film provides an exceptionally smooth surface when applied and easy clean-up of hot plastic
  • High temperature and chemical resistance enables performance on heated machinery and equipment
  • Extruded 3M™ PTFE Film tape lies flatter than typical skived PTFE film tapes
  • Thicker backing helps extend the service life over thinner versions when subjected to abrasion and wear
  • Excellent chemical resistance enables tape to withstand challenging applications
  • High strength and abrasion resistance ensures reliability and performance to reduce friction, rattle and machinery noise