Superior Quality Hygiene Products Supplier: Legg and Wessel

Global and local standards for hygiene and safety in the workplace are at an all-time high, and with employees and end customer(s) overall health at stake, it is important to ensure our workplaces use quality hygiene products at all times.

At Legg & Wessel, we believe in the advantages of using quality hygiene products.
These advantages include:

  • Healthier employees & reduced absenteeism
  • Longer lasting barriers to germs & reduced time spent cleaning
  • Reduced risk of contaminating the work environment

Legg and Wessel supplies a wide range of home, occupational and industrial hygiene products. Quality at affordable prices remains a priority and as a result we are proud to supply globally recognised hygiene product brands such Kimberly Clark, Byotrol, Diversey and the Legg & Wessel chemical brand.

Our hygiene products include chemicals for the workplace and home, hand cleansers, hand sanitisers, facial tissues, chemicals, food safety products, paper towelling, towelling dispensers, wipers and cleaning accessories.

Legg & Wessel

Legg & Wessel